Cushions Size

Cushions Size

There are no standard sizes for cushions.
We require measurements including width, seat depth, back height, and cushion thickness.
Remember: Custom orders are made from the information that you give us and cannot be returned. Please take the time to get every detail. The more information you give us, the better job we can do for you. We take pride in our quality and our customer satisfaction!

Standard Chair,

Chaise, or Bench
Width: Measure the inside of the frame (between the arms, left to right).
Height: Measure from the rear of the seat up to the top.
Depth:Measure front to rear.
*Note: Some seats are wider in front than in the rear.
Be sure to take all measurements.

Deep-Seating Furniture

Width: Measure the inside of the frame (between the arms, left to right).
Height: If the back cushion will sit on top of the seat cushion, you must subtract the thickness of the seat cushion from the height of the back cushion.
Cushions with the seat and back connected and greater than 2 inches thick will require the back to sit on the seat; therefore, subtract the thickness of the seat from the height of the back when measuring. This is not usually an issue on 2 inch thick cushions.
Note: You must send a template of the curved corners

 Odd-Shaped Furniture

For furniture with curves or tapering, you must provide a pattern (patterns can be made out of wrapping paper or newspaper, etc.) or send the original cushion. It is also helpful if you send a photograph of the furniture.There will be an extra charge for curved backs and cut out areas around corners.

Optional Cushion Details

Our custom features include zippers, velcro ties, buttons, matching fabric ties, single or double cording (piping) and welting.
Zippered covers can be easily removed to be washed and placed back on the cushion to dry.

Striped Fabric

When choosing striped fabric, please specify which direction you want the stripes to run. Long bench cushions with stripes running vertically may require seams across each end, depending on length and choice of fabric.


Toss Pillows are measured square, not diagonal. If replacing an existing toss pillow, measure from the center of the pillow, not the corners. Stand the cushion upright on its side to measure.

Square toss pillows come in 14", 16",18" and 24" sizes. Any other size pillows will be charged an additional fee for custom work.